At Diesel Parts & Services, our pumpsets are built in-house to ensure the highest quality components and performance. Our range includes vacuum, iso centrifugal, trash, mixed flow and self-priming. We have solutions to suit any industry including agriculture, construction and mining. To find the right pumpset for your needs, browse our range below or contact our team on 07 3650 9400.

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When it comes to ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency on your worksite, look no further than the comprehensive selection of high-quality and dependable pumpsets available at Diesel Parts & Services. With over half a century of dedicated service to the water pump industry in both Australia and overseas, we've solidified our reputation as a trusted supplier catering to diverse industries.

Custom-Made Excellence In-House

To cater to your business's distinct needs, we craft our pumpsets at our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, ensuring precision and adherence to the highest quality and Australian Standards. Utilising proven components ensures reliability and top-notch performance. Our skilled team can also design and build bespoke pumpsets that precisely match your unique requirements.

Explore Our Diverse Range of Pumpsets

Our extensive inventory of pumpsets encompasses a versatile array, including vacuum, iso centrifugal, trash, mixed flow, and self-priming options. Dive into our product catalog, where you'll discover a variety of volumes, heads, and sizes to accommodate your distinct needs. If you find yourself seeking a particular configuration or require expert guidance in pinpointing the ideal option, rest assured that the experienced DPS team stands ready to assist. With decades of industry experience, they have successfully guided businesses across Australia, spanning various sectors, in finding optimal pumping solutions.

Why Choose DPS for Your Pumping Needs?

As a trusted industry leader for over 50 years, Diesel Parts & Services takes pride in delivering not only high-quality pumpsets but also unparalleled expertise and customer service. Our commitment to quality and customisation is evident in our in-house manufacturing capabilities, ensuring that each pumpset meets stringent quality standards while catering to your precise specifications. Additionally, our extensive range of pumpset types ensures that you can always find the perfect fit for your unique requirements.

Partner with Diesel Parts & Services, and experience the peace of mind that comes with top-notch pumpsets, customised solutions, and the support of a team dedicated to helping you achieve peak performance in your operations. Your safety and success are our utmost priorities, and we're here to provide dependable, efficient pumping solutions tailored to your needs.

Need something custom?

We manufacture customised pump sets to suit your needs