mixed flow pumps

Mixed Flow Pumps

Diesel Parts & Services (DPS) supply mixed flow pumps to organisations across Australia for use in various applications. For example - in agriculture they can be used for drawing water from a river, channel or transfer, in mining they can be used for dewatering applications. In aquaculture, they can be used for circulating sea or fresh water in ponds or drawing water from a separate source.

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What is a  Mixed Flow Pumps

Mixed flow pumps are the lesser-known variants of centrifugal pumps with the addition of a mixed flow impeller. The fluid flow within these pumps undergoes both axial and radial pumping action. Although these pumps are less common in residential applications, they are a staple in many industrial applications. Read on to find out how mixed flow pumps work, their applications, and their pros and cons.

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We are a proudly Australian owned business. For more than 50 years we have serviced the engine and water pump industry in Australia. Call the DPS head office on (07) 3640 9400 or fill out a contact form telling us about what you need a Mixed Flow Pump for, we’ll get back to you with the answer you need.

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