Need to move high volumes of water? Check out our range of powerful and durable diesel water pumps including vacuum pumps, trash pumps, mixed flow pumps and self-priming pumps. For any industry or purpose the Diesel Parts & Services team can help you find a diesel water pump that meets your requirements.

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Our Range of Diesel Water Pumps

At Diesel Parts & Services you’ll find a diesel water pump to take on any challenge. Our wide range of pumps includes everything from self-priming, heavy-duty trash pumps to mixed flow pumps with a volume of 1850 litres per second. No matter the application, you’ll find reliable and efficient diesel water pumps for your water moving needs.

How to Find the Right Pump

With our wide range of high-performing pumps, we are able to supply a variety of industries including agriculture, mining and construction. To ensure that you choose the right diesel water pump for your needs, you’ll have to consider the quality and quantity of the water you will be moving. For some, moving large quantities of water with ease will be their priority. Other customers may need a reliable pump to move water filled with trash and sewage. If you’re unsure which option is right for you, contact the DPS team to discuss your needs and find the diesel water pump that works for you.

Why Should You Choose DPS for Your Pumps?

Since 1970, DPS has been providing quality diesel water pumps and award-winning service to customers all over Australia (and overseas). Based on our years of experience and industry knowledge, we are able to provide a range of innovative, high-quality diesel water pumps, to suit any requirement. Since DPS has its own manufacturing facilities, we can even build customised pump sets to meet your unique needs. We can also source other brands on request, to ensure we always get the best results for our customers.

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