self-priming pumps

Self-priming Pumps

Diesel Parts & Services (DPS) are a leading supplier of high-quality self-priming pumps to companies all across Australia. We sell a range of models to suit a wide range of purposes and industries such as petrochemical, mining, water management, effluent processing, sewage processing, agricultural and industrial wastewater applications - to name a few.

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What is a Self-priming Pump

A Self-Priming pump is designed to be able to lift fluid from below its suction without the need of a foot valve, or hydraulic column of fluid in the suction line. The pump operates with the aid of fluid in the pump volute. The self-priming pump uses an intelligent internal design that recirculates the existing water in the volute which evacuates the air out the discharge or the air release valve.

This continually creates a low pressure zone at the eye of the impeller which draws the fluid up the suction line until eventually the suction line and pump volute are full of the fluid. When they are full of fluid, which then allows the pump to work in dynamic operation similar to a standard centrifugal pump principle.

Talk To DPS About Self-priming Pumps

We are a proudly Australian owned business. For more than 50 years we have serviced the engine and water pump industry in Australia. Call the DPS head office on (07) 3640 9400 or fill out a contact form telling us about what you need a Self-priming Pump for, we’ll get back to you with the answer you need.

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